My name is Melissa (GP Fight) McElfresh, you may have seen me on Facebook or read my blog at: www.melissaGPfight.com

I have battled GP for a few years and understand the struggle that you are going through.  Just like most of you, I didn't know anything about what Gastroparesis is, nor did my (1st) GI Dr help me in any way. Now I do and am on a much better path.   My blog/web-page is designed to help those of you just starting out.

A few years after being diagnosed with GP, I set out to make a difference in the GP Community by advocating.  I have been part of G-PACT along with a couple other non-profits who help people like us, which has enabled me to learn a lot about GP. 

This knowledge prompted me to do my part, where I can.  Leading me to create "Melissa GP Fight McElfresh" profile on Facebook where I: spread awareness of new medical procedures, any new clinic trials, jokes, inspiration, advocacy opportunities, coupon codes to products that may benefit you, nutrition/supplement ideas and much more.  Links can be found at the bottom of this page. 

What prompted me to do a STORE?  Well, one day it came to me that a lot of us are wanting more shirts and other products to help spread GP Awareness.  Many ideas were in my head, so I looked around the internet and didn't see what I was trying to design, so I ran with the images in my head and hope you will like them! 

It is very important for me to keep the products cost effective for you.  Even if that means I only make enough to cover my costs.   And that is okay with me!  My goal is to help YOU and not line my pocket.  Most of us with a chronic illness are limited on funds.  Life is hard enough, I don't want to compound matters :)   

I also hope to donate a % of my 'profit' for Gastroparesis Research.  At this time I do not have a specific place in mind. 

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  I am currently in a decent health position to work on a part-time basis, so I will try my best to check once a day for your questions/comments.

***  THANK YOU  ***

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If you are looking for beautiful long lasting jewelry for a great price, check out my dear GP Sister's shop "Hope's Alley" at: http://hopesalley.bigcartel.com  Check back often as she is always adding new products.  I have a few of her items and can honestly say I love each piece. 

Above I mentioned a non-profit for Gastroparesis that I volunteer for and you can find them here:  www.G-PACT.org

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