What is Gastroparesis? 

Commonly shortened to "GP" can be translated to mean "Stomach Paralyzed".  

How do I get Gastroparesis?

The main nerve (vargus) that travels from your brain to your stomach will send signals to your stomach to tell it to process your food (squeezing action the stomach does).  When the nerve is damaged, it will no longer be able to tell your stomach to process the food.  The only way to 'get Gastroparesis' is if the nerve is damaged.  This can happen many ways such as:  surgery that damages/severs the nerve, whiplash in a car accident can stretch and damage the nerve, certain prescription drugs if taken for too long or taken in large quantities (like pain medication) can damage the nerve and certain viruses can damage the nerve.

What are the symptoms?

Most people experience pain, nausea and get full after a few bits of food.  Fatigue, memory problems, dizzy spells are also common.  Depending on what the person can consume by mouth, hair loss and other issues with malnutrition are common.

When will I get better?

At this time there are very few treatment options available.   Depending on what CAUSED your Gastroparesis, will determine what options are available to treat the cause and in the end reduce or eliminate Gastroparesis.  Sadly, little is really known of the many different causes.  When a doctor can not figure out the cause the individual is labeled "Idiopathic" (meaning 'unknown origin'). Each person is different with their GP experience and a time frame can not be given to any person. 

How can buying stuff here help?

We need more research to be able to have a better quality of life.  Research needs money and people to know about Gastroparesis.  This means we need to bring AWARENESS to the masses and advocate for loved ones with Gastroparesis.   To play a roll in this part simply purchasing an item from the store will bring awareness to those that see it and gives you a chance to tell them about GP. 

What is currently being done to bring awareness to GP for funding of research? has been hitting the pavement with other non-profits to help get a bill approved for just that.  Money for research.  Asking Congress to pass a bill where one is asking for money is no small task.  But with people like you, you can put pressure on your own lawmakers.   This can have a positive impact on bring this bill to life!  Contact for more information. 

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5 Million people need YOUR help.  Please be their voice and tell people about Gastroparesis.

Thank you,

Melissa (GP Fight) McElfresh

GP Fight Store Manager

November 15, 2013